Updates August 2012

Wow, a lot sure has happened in the past few months.  First off, the company site I was maintaining has migrated to Ez Publish 4.6 as of July 22nd. There's a new url to our branch on the site (http://www.amnh.org/our-research/center-for-biodiversity-conservation), along with reorganized content.  Go check it out.
I'm glad that I'm up to speed with my Drupal update to 7.15.  It's admin interface improvement, but I've also added CKEditor as my text editor.  I love HTML, but one can only type so many left angle brackets and right angle brackets before getting really really tired.  I also like the aspect of customizing things using JavaScript, but now I don't have to anymore, thanks to improved configuration interface on CKEditor configuration overlay.

Drupal update and new theme

I've been neglecting this site for quite a while :-( As practice, just updated to Drupal 7.14, and switched to Bartik theme. Will think about subthemeing Bartik or go for AT subtheme.

Drupal 7 Theme issues

Part of the Drupal 7 upgrade comes with side effect that Acquia Prosper cannot be used as theme, since it is not being developed for Drupal 7.

Switching back to Pixture Reloaded for Drupal 7 for the time being.

Planning to hit some books to write my own Drupal 7 theme.

Upgraded to Drupal 7

Upgrading to Drupal 7 has proved to be quite an exercise. 

Notes to self:

  1. Keep error_log file, otherwise 500 internal server error.
  2. When UPGRADE.txt tells you to delete something, really, delete it.
  3. When you're not allowed to delete a file, check the permissions of the directory.
  4. Uninstall Drupal 6's specific modules and themes before the upgrade.
  5. Backed up site tgz files and backed up mysql databases are your best friends.