First module updated

Updated the code in the first module so it will not show all the modules enabled internally. Now showing the first block generated by a module for both anonymous and authenticated users.

Drupal 7.28

On that note, Drupal is now up to 7.28 using Drush for core updates.

Drush installed

Drush is installed and used on this account. So updating this site's core modules is as easy as
shell> drush up

First module

Wrote my first module as an exercise. However, I'm uncomfortable to do something like listing all the modules I've enabled on a Drupal site that is searchable by Google, so the block is now only visible to authenticated users.

Drupal 7.26

This site is now up to date to Drupal 7.26.
Learned that the path to the temporary files is default but incorrect in relation to the current web hosting service. Pointed the temporary file directory to the correct location to be complient to SA-CORE-2013-003.