Drupal 7.31

Drupal is now at 7.31 on this site.

New URLs for blog entries

The URLs for blogs are now autogenerated by date and title of blog post. Date, Date API, Pathauto and Token are installed to create the URL patterns you see on the address bar.

Migration to Raspberry Pi

No, I'm not abandoning this site. Need to, as a work-related experiment, migrate a copy of this site to investigate why work site is not working to my heart's content. Turns out it is clean versus classic url problem.

Also a reminder to myself that I should clear out the NYTimes RSS feed before doing a database export. Cuts database size from 8MB to 2MB.

User Warning e-mails

The recent work done on this Drupal site is only available to admins, but it involves sending a warning message to user on inappropriate usage. When logged in, admin should be able to see a 'Warn' tab per user account, thereby sending warning e-mail to a particular user.

Single blog module

If you see a side panel displaying random blog entries, but this list of entries is not on, then you're witnessing my test of my own blog module. Enjoy.