Database sizes

This is crazy. Checking the database sizes turns out that the default database size for Drupal 8, with no content in it, is larger than the database of this Drupal 7 site.
| Data Base Name     | Data Base Size in MB | Free Space in MB |
| drupal8 <<test site|          11.93750000 |     576.00000000 |
| >this site<        |           9.01407719 |     584.05321503 |

Java and Jersey

In Java API for RESTful Web Services using Jersey, you can have the minimal url-pattern in the web.xml configuration file:


But can't skip annotations in the head of the class. That identifies where the url path starts.

public class HelloWorldService
public class HelloApp extends Application

(Edit: Turns out you can skip the url-pattern in web.xml. You only need to specify the @Path and @ApplicationPath in the classes for Jersey 2.18).

PHP Unit

Interesting note on PHPUnit

If the class is not found when phpunit is run, add configuration file by doing

phpunit -c build/phpunit.xml tests

To ensure that the classes are autoloaded properly.

Drupal 7.34

Now up to 7.34.

Drupal Views

Finally broke down and taking a look at Drupal Views. You'll see random things such as recent comments in here.