Drupal 7.41

Site has been updated to 7.41.

Embedding YouTube Playlist

Edit: The playlist is removed for the time being because it is not responsive which is not a good fit with this responsive layout. Maybe it's time to do some responsive sleuthing...

The new experiment involves embedding entire YouTube playlist on Drupal.

That is as easy as creating a new block, set the Text Format to Full HTML, and copy and paste the Embed code from YouTube when you're at the playlist.

I have also removed the slideshow from the Multipurpose layout because it looks too busy to have a slide show and a YouTube video screen on the front page. So see you later, slideshow.

States and state capitals

Many things were promised on this blog, but this is a playpen for all things Drupal. So. Next project to give me a clearer mind set is to write a module that'd add state and state capitals using Drupal 7 Entities. Stay tuned.
Edit: It is finally here! States is a fully fleshed out Drupal 7 Entity. Basic CRUD operations, plus listing of all data and breadcrumbs on the page are available. Go check it out!
States list

H Drupal Corner Subtheme

Went home and thought about how bad of an idea it is to just make changes to the theme itself. So made a subtheme H Drupal Corner based on Multipurpose and override the settings from there.